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Want to maximise your job prospects or give your clients the best chance of gaining employment? Are you a business owner, manager or worker needing to improve your digital literacy skills in the tough marketplace? Our ‘Digital Upskilling’ courses combine blended learning. It’s a digital literacy course for students and adults. It is aimed at improving digital literacy in the work place. With our Digital Upskilling in Information Technology (DUIT) Training, you can learn more effectively the skills needed to work productively with your IT tools.

So, if you want to… DUIT now, then check out the relevant course information and upcoming dates below for Study-Job-Career or for Professionals.


Digital Upskilling Course

February 2nd, 2022

  • Digital Upskilling: Study-Job-Career
  • Digital Upskilling for Professionals

Digital Upskilling: Study-Job-Career

Summary of Content

This is a five (5) part live online course. ‘Point’ to any of the Session information links to the far-right for detailed dates and times for the five (5) sessions.

A course summary is below:

(1)Digital Technologies in the Workplace2 hours live online
(2)Working with MS Word Documents2 hours live online
(3)Working with MS Excel Spreadsheets2 hours live online
(4)Job Market, Facebook & LinkedIn, and Workplace Softskills2 hours live online
(5)Bookkeeping & Email Skills, and
Course Review
2 hours live online

Detailed Content

Participants will learn the following:

Session 1: Digital Technologies in the Workplace

  • Work better with a Windows PC using lots of great shortcuts, proper keyboarding, mouse shortcuts, etc.
  • Check the settings of a Windows PC – audio, screen, camera, Cortana settings, etc.
  • Create an electronic filing system for storing files, documents and folders.
  • Introduction to cloud computing and terminology, online learning, meeting and video conferencing tools (Zoom, etc).

Session 2: Working with MS Word Documents

  • Create and edit word processing documents.
  • Format word processing documents.
  • Output documents correctly: print and save to PDF.
  • Structure documents correctly: formal letter, CV, etc.
  • Handy shortcuts to save stacks of time.

Session 3: Working with MS Excel Spreadsheets

  • Create and edit spreadsheet documents.
  • Format spreadsheet documents.
  • Work with simple formulas and charts.
  • Output documents correctly: print and save to PDF.
  • Handy shortcuts to save stacks of time.

Session 4: Job Market, Facebook & LinkedIn, and Workplace Softskills

  • State aspects of the online job market and how to research jobs online.
  • State the differences and advantages of a Facebook profile and a Linked In profile.
  • State the important aspects of a great Linked In profile.
  • State and exhibit important job ‘soft skills’.
  • Understand the importance of interpersonal skills, phone and email etiquette, working in a team, meeting etiquette, etc.

Session 5: Bookkeeping & Email Skills, and Course Review

  • Work with a typical online accounting and bookkeeping app (Xero) .
  • Create and manage email communications, attachments, and more.
  • Review the DUIT Course, receive certificates, and where to next.

What’s Provided

  • Training manuals of step-by-step exercises.
  • Computer for each person for hands-on exercises.
  • Refreshments.
  • Support for your questions after the session.
  • Copies of all example files for your own work.
  • Recordings for on-demand reviewing later.
  • Certificate of attendance.

What You Provide

  • A PC/laptop with Internet access and sound enabled.
  • All sessions are interactive, so you can ask questions and get lots of assistance.
  • Your keenness to learn.

Flexible Options

The course can also be conducted as a face-to-face delivery in your training room onsite. And content/outcomes can be customised/tailor-made to your requirements.

For more details or to inquire about a closed corporate or online program, use our inquiry form here or phone us on (02) 6041 2711.


No experience in using a Windows PC is required nor assumed.

Upcoming Dates

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Digital Upskilling for Professionals

(To be confirmed)

Upcoming Dates

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Recent Reviews – Digital Upskilling

Very informative! (DUIT for Job Seekers)

Rated 5 out of 5

May 12, 2021

I wouldn’t change a thing in this course. I do believe I’ll be 70% more productive now and will keep using the material to practise with. Hopefully I can attend more of Class Training’s courses in the future. I really hope so!


Thank you for this course! (DUIT for jobseekers)

Rated 5 out of 5

May 12, 2021

The assistance by the course provider was fantastic. I loved learning the shortcuts and since I am technically unsavvy this was a great start for me – especially having access to the recordings. Class Training helped me navigate the big challenges I face and they did it professionally and showed patience.

Jade (jobseeker)

Hits the mark, well and truly! (DU-IT for Jobseekers)

Rated 5 out of 5

March 24, 2021

This is fantastic. It sets everything out very clearly and hits the mark on everyone’s needs.

Ashlee (Specialist Rehab Leader)

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