Latest MYOB 2016

March 22nd, 2017

Do I or Don’t I?

If you’re thinking – like most people – do I upgrade to the latest MYOB or not, then here are some ideas. If you are paying via an oingoing subscription, say, about $70 per month, then you will always get the latest version.

If you are still – like some people – on the earlier version 19 of MYOB Premier or similar, here are some reasons why you should upgrade, apart from the fact that you’re paying the monthly subs anyway:

New features compared with older v19 MYOB versions:

  • Faster operation
  • Can decide whether to have the file online or still on your PC/laptop.
  • Has live bank feeds (see below).
  • Much more.

Live Bank Feeds

In case, you don’t know, live bank feeds:

  • can import your bank transactions automatically enter your MYOB file.
  • allows you to reconcile your bank account much more quickly – I say again, much more quickly!!
  • allows you to create ‘rules’ that have great control over how transactions are created.
  • can create the transaction in MYOB and reconcile it at the same time.
  • will save you much more time and create less stress than before.
  • means that you don’t need ‘automatic recurring’ transactions for bank charges, loan repayments, leases, etc.

If you’re not sure about how live bank feeds and rules work, give us a call or come along to the MYOB Daily Processing or MYOB Advanced courses, which cover all aspects of live bank feeds, bank rules, etc.


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