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5 Questions to Excel at Excel

Most of us work with Microsoft Excel – budgets, payroll, asset registers, job costing, whatever; you name it, you can do it in Excel. And, let’s face it, it’s a beast!

So how can we work with it better, and more importantly, make it more effective, report your stuff better, and more? It’s not a case of just Googling or knowing the shortcuts, formulas and features. You need an ‘approach’ to managing your data and to reporting; you need to step back and plan what you want first; you need to actually think about if first.

Here are some major questions to ask yourself about how to use Excel more effectively:

  1. What report(s) do you need to create, and what data are you starting with?
  2. Do you create different reports for different people from the same data?
  3. What Excel features can you combine to produce those reports – examples: ‘cell range names’ with ‘pivottables’ with ‘macros’, etc?
  4. How can you make the report user-friendly?
  5. How can you automate your workflow to save time with all this?

Asking these and other similar questions will help you see outside the ‘quagmire’ of what you’re trying to achieve. So, ‘forget about’ the tool at least temporarily, and work out what you need to achieve. The ‘how’ will (hopefully and easily) flow from there!

Have a look at what we cover in our Excel training courses here, and dates for face-to-face and online training are here.

Want to test your Excel skills/knowledge now? Try our online quiz here.

Welcome to Our New Web Site

It’s been a while coming, but here it is. We hope it will help you find the training and course you’re after and provide you with better support.

Main features:

  • New course schedule page here.
  • Page for downloading training files page for practising your new skills here.
  • Info about our new help desk here.
  • Info about our self-assessment quizzes here.
  • Inquiry form for closed corporate courses here.

For your information, the main ‘behind-the-scenes’ features of our updated web site include:

  • integrating with our CRM database.
  • integrating with our accounts system.
  • minimising double-entry of data and subsequent errors.
  • much more.

If you have any inquiries about our services or our courses, please phone – (02) 6041 2711 – email or use our Contact Us form. Many thanks for your time.

We and the CLASS Training team welcome you to our updated web site.

We and the CLASS Training team welcome you to our updated web site.

Latest MYOB 2016

Do I or Don’t I?

If you’re thinking – like most people – do I upgrade to the latest MYOB or not, then here are some ideas. If you are paying via an oingoing subscription, say, about $70 per month, then you will always get the latest version.

If you are still – like some people – on the earlier version 19 of MYOB Premier or similar, here are some reasons why you should upgrade, apart from the fact that you’re paying the monthly subs anyway:

New features compared with older v19 MYOB versions:

  • Faster operation
  • Can decide whether to have the file online or still on your PC/laptop.
  • Has live bank feeds (see below).
  • Much more.

Live Bank Feeds

In case, you don’t know, live bank feeds:

  • can import your bank transactions automatically enter your MYOB file.
  • allows you to reconcile your bank account much more quickly – I say again, much more quickly!!
  • allows you to create ‘rules’ that have great control over how transactions are created.
  • can create the transaction in MYOB¬†and reconcile it at the same time.
  • will save you much more time and create less stress than before.
  • means that you don’t need ‘automatic recurring’ transactions for bank charges, loan repayments, leases, etc.

If you’re not sure about how live bank feeds and rules work, give us a call or come along to the MYOB Daily Processing or MYOB Advanced courses, which cover all aspects of live bank feeds, bank rules, etc.


From Xero to Hero

Why Xero?

If you’re considering so-called ‘cloud accounting’, then Xero is towards the top of the list – if not at the top. And here’s why:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Can set up your business in a similar way to your previous accounting software/service.
  • Lots of add-ons and plug-ins are compatible with Xero (eg, e-commerce, POS, job-costing, etc)
  • Adequate built-in Payroll; add-ons are available if you need more.
  • Lots of support from providers – especially us.

If you need more info or advice, then contact us or come along to our Xero courses. More info here.

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