September 3rd, 2016

  • Essentials & Beyond

InDesign – Essentials & Beyond

Delivery & Duration

  • Face-to-face: 1 day, OR
  • Live online: 3 x 1-hour sessions

General Outline

InDesign is an industry-standard application for producing professional reports, brochures, flyers, books and other graphics-intensive documents. This course will show you howto set up your document, add and manipulate text and graphics, and produce complex documents.

The course is practically-oriented and is thus concerned with applying InDesign’s features to creating and enhancing the professionalism of your documents and publications. In this way, the course is made as relevant as possible for you.

We’ll investigate the different types of layouts that are possible for different types of publications, and then we’ll see how to set those up in InDesign.

We’ll look at important techniques for combining and formatting graphics and text, and we’ll consider the main design issues so that your message is effective and doesn’t get lost.

Bring along your specific questions and problems and, if you have some, examples of what you‟ve been producing. We can then show you how to create or improve on those designs with InDesign.

Detailed Content

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and sketch ‘roughs’ of the publication.
  • Set up the page for paper size, margins, etc.
  • Place, position and manipulate text files.
  • Use word processing features.
  • Format text with design elements.
  • Use styles to apply text formatting globally.
  • Place, position and format graphics on the page.
  • Create regular and irregular text wraps.
  • Apply special effects to text and images.
  • Format ‘master pages’ headers and footers, other repeating elements.
  • Export your publication to PDF for use online or with commercial printers.

Flexible Options

Courses are delivered in our training rooms, or can be conducted in your training room onsite, or as live, online sessions. And content/outcomes can be customised/tailor-made to your requirements.

See Benefits to the right for a list of services provided to all participants (depending on the course).

For more details or to inquire about a closed corporate or online program, use our inquiry form here or phone us on (02) 6041 2711.


No experience in using InDesign is required nor assumed. Participants are expected to have a sound knowledge of and experience with a Windows PC.

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