September 3rd, 2016

  • Essentials & Beyond

WordPress – Essentials & Beyond

Delivery & Duration

  • Face-to-face: 2 evenings, OR
  • Live online: 3 x 1-hour sessions

General Outline

This course is presented in conjunction with OGA Creative Agency. The course will show you how easy it is to use WordPress (a web site content management system, CMS) to create and editi web sites. You will learn about how a web site is structured as well as the important questions you should ask of a consultant or provider when planning and designing a web site.
You will then complete hands-on exercises on adding and formatting text and graphics to a web site, as well as adding links to other pages.
You will learn about HTML coding that allows you to apply detailed formatting to text and graphics.

During the course, you will work with a ‘live’ test web site, which will be available for you to practise some time after the course.

Detailed Content

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Add text and graphics to pages.
  • Apply text and graphics formatting.
  • View/Edit HTML code to apply detailed formatting.
  • Create hyperlinks to other pages.
  • Define, view and add basic ‘plug-ins’ to the web site.
  • Format and apply different web page ‘themes’.
  • View and test the web site.
  • State different options for the online marketing of a web site.

Flexible Options

Courses are delivered in our training rooms, or can be conducted in your training room onsite, or as live, online sessions. And content/outcomes can be customised/tailor-made to your requirements.

See Benefits to the right for a list of services provided to all participants (depending on the course).

For more details or to inquire about a closed corporate or online program, use our inquiry form here or phone us on (02) 6041 2711.


No experience in working with web sites is required nor assumed. Participants are expected to have some knowledge of and experience with a Windows PC. General use of the Internet is an advantage.

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